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Vijay Granites is Situated in the Jalore.Jalore is known as Granite City of Rajsthan. Vijay Granite majorly deals in Various types of granite tiles and slabs.our speciality is to provide requairment based colored granite to the customer . Our main motive is to provides best service and satisfaction to the Customer . we also deals in marbels as per customer requairment. We also have the quality assurance team for measuring the finised goods as per our standared.



Granite is a light-colored igneous rock with grains large enough to be visible with the unaided eye.  It forms from the slow crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface.Granite is nearly always massive (lacking any internal structures), hard and tough, and therefore it has gained widespread use throughout humanity, and more recently as a construction stone.  
         Granite is composed mainly of quartz and  feldspar with minor amounts of mica, amphiboles and other minerals. This mineral composition usually gives granite a red, pink, gray or white color with dark mineral grains visible throughout the rock.
        Granite has been extensively used as a dimension stone and as flooring tiles in public and commercial buildings and monuments. In some areas granite is used for gravestones and memorials. Granite is a hard stone and requires skill to carve by hand.
Jalore city is famous for Granite because There lots of mines of granites.


Marble is a metamorphic rock resulting from regional or at times contact metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, either limestone or dolostone.India possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional stones that are marbles spread out all over the country. India is also amongst the largest producer of raw stone material and the sector is quite developed and vibrant in the South, as well as in Rajasthan and Gujarat with a dedicated resource of entrepreneurs.
               Stones are still the mainstays of civil construction in India, with stones being used extensively in public buildings, hotels, and temples. It is increasingly being used in homes, with the use of stones now penetrating amongst the burgeoning middle class of India.
               White marble has been prized for its use in sculptures since classical times. This preference has to do with its softness, which made it easier to carve, relative isotropy and homogeneity, and a relative resistance to shattering.